Whether you are looking for a new privacy, closeboard fence or overlap panel, chain link, wrought iron fence, automatic sliding gate, a stain job, or just simple repair and maintenance, Woodworks Fencing Company can meet and exceed all your fencing needs.

We offer a variety of quality materials and designs to customize a fence that is perfect for you. Your home is your castle and Woodworks Fencing Company will build you a fence as if we were building our own.

Please have a look below to see the range of services and products we have on offer.

Repair Spurs

An alternative to complete replacement

Where wooden posts have been used, they will be subject to rotting at ground level and will require replacement at some point. a Repair Spur is an alternative to complete replacement and can even be used on new fences if using wooden posts. Repair Spurs are available in a choice of sizes and are easy to install.

  • Better alternative to wood
  • Longer lasting
  • Cheaper than a full replacement

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Timber Treatment

Use classes for treated timber

The end use of treatment timber is classified into a number of user use classes, based upon potential risk of deterioration. Only once the end use is known can the timber be treated to offer the correct level of protection against rot and insect attack.

  • The use classes that we are concerned with for fencing and landscaping
  • UC3 products are not recommended or designed to be in ground contact unless required for short term or temp use
  • UC4 is for fence posts that are in ground contact

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Over lap panel fencing

UK's most popular fencing panels.

These lap fence panels are made from horizontal boards which partially overlap, which restricts air movement and adds security. These boards are framed within with rectangular battens which include top capping.

  • Value-for-money
  • High quality timber
  • Keeps your property secure

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Close Board Fencing

Alternative names are Featheredge, Closeboard and Featherboard

Close Board Fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility, without sacrificing its appearance. Formed by vertical featheredge boards that each partially overlap and fix to the rear horizontal supporting wooden rails.

  • Strong & long lasting
  • Reasonably priced
  • Dip treated to prevent rot

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Concrete and timber posts

Concrete slotted to standard pressure treated timber posts

Depending on your budget requirements we can supply and install either concrete posts or timber. Wooden posts are an environmentally friendly posting solution as they can be recycled after use, however they will require some form of weather treatment. Our concrete fencing posts are reinforced to ensure they are long lasting and totally durable. They are completely maintenance free as they do not require any secondary weather proofing at any point. We can talk to you about the pro's and con's on your initial enquiry.

  • Concrete posts will not rot unlike wooden posts that are not adequately treated
  • Wooden posts will match wooden fencing or fence panels and are more aesthetically pleasing than concrete posts
  • Wooden posts will not chip or crack like concrete posts, concrete posts are reinforced and can last longer

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Chainlink fencing

Available in either barbed or knuckled edges or a combination of both.

We supply chain link fencing, a popular, versatile and easy to erect fencing suitable for a wide variety of applications. From a simple boundary marker to a permanent secure fence, there will be a specification of chain link suited to the purpose. Contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

  • Perimeter - low security / medium security
  • Good for schools, industrial units & warehousing
  • Excellent for boundaries

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Picket Fencing

Great for Gardens!

Picket Fencing Panels or Palisade Fencing Panels are great in gardens as they do not obstruct the view or block out the light. This popular style of fence is ideal for keeping small children and pets within the boundary of your garden.

  • Attractive and functional
  • Relatively low cost
  • Restricts access

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Decking in a garden provides a natural place for people to entertain, play or simply relax.

The ease of construction, versatility and flexibility allows an outdoor living or working area to be added economically to domestic or commercial properties alike. At Woodworks fencing we aim to make sure your decking area adds a pleasing yet functional space that will not only be admired but also sure to add value to your property.

  • Pressure Treated
  • 15+ years lifespan
  • Lots of creative options available

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Pergolas and rose arches

Probably the most versatile structures for your garden

These are the perfect support structures for all manner of training and climbing plants and flowers. There is nothing more grand and elegant that a rose arch in bloom!

  • Transforms the appearance of your garden
  • Can create a shady refuge
  • Frame an entrance or garden gate

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Traditional garden trellis panels for elegant screening and added privacy.

Trellis Panels are ideal for creating segregated sections of garden, creating height on walls, or for growing climbing plants. Apexed capping can also be added on top of any trellis, contact us for more information.

  • Many varieties of spacing
  • Extra privacy
  • Can be used on fencing or walls

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Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing offers the ultimate in security.

This system is easy to assemble and once assembled offers a fencing system that is robust, long lasting and a formidable deterrent against crime and vandalism.

  • Long term weather resistance
  • Comes in plain mild steel finish or powder coated
  • The ultimate in security

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Post & Rail

A classic fence of the English countryside.

Post and rail fencing is an attractive and traditional style of fencing that has been a staple view in the rural communities of the English countryside. It would make a beautiful addition to your home as well as your field or paddock!

  • Restricts pedestrian access
  • Fence off animal stock
  • Attractive and traditional

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Sleepers are a fashionable and popular choice and quick to use

Even the most reluctant gardener can have a fantastic effect in no time at all. with over 15 types of sleepers available, you will definitely be able to find a solution that suits your garden requirements.

  • Recycled, Sawn & Rustic Optons
  • 3 different sizes available
  • Various finishes

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Bow Top

Simple and effective perimeter railings

Hoop top fencing is an attractive style. With its safe rounded top, it makes it very popular in parks, urban housing, recreational grounds and schools.

  • Relatively safe
  • Many styles available
  • Immensely strong

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Security Fencing

Timber Hoarding is one of our most popular fencing options where security is vital

Woodworks Fencing can manufacture and install a range of security fencing solutions to domestic and commercial dwellings at a competitive and affordable price to all our customers.

  • Good option for short to medium term projects
  • Cost effective
  • Keeps people out!

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Entrance Gates

Entrance gates add a stately elegance and the utmost security to your home and property.

We can create and install your custom made project from entry/driveway gates to fencing, arbors. Whether you desire simple elegance or extravagent flair, Woodworks Fencing can create your one of a kind masterpiece.

  • Custom designs and installations
  • Reflect your individual taste
  • Safe & secure providing personal security

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Garden Gates

The gate grants access, but it's more than just functional

A garden gate is picturesque and lends charm and grace to the garden, matching the flora and the furniture and the general sense of place. Garden gates may be wood, galvanised iron, or other metals and Woodworks Fencing have many solutions and designs to help you make the best choice.

  • Exceptionally strong
  • Long lasting
  • Great value

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