• Garden & Driveway Division

    We installed fencing at this property to divide the garden and driveway, you can see that we also integrated a gate for easy access onto the drive from the garden.
  • Bespoke Gate

    For this project a bespoke gate was created by us to suit the width of the walkway. We arched the top of the gate to make the design a bit more unique. On the back of the gate installation, we used locks and latches.
  • Closeboard Fencing

    The customer requested Closeboard Fencing on this occasion to enclose their driveway area, we obtained the shingle, to finish off the installation.
  • Eye Catching Panels

    The customer at this property wanted the "Eye Catching Panels" which are vey decorative, as you can see several of the panels were placed on the wall, but we still maintained the fencing height.

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